Incredibly Pleased With Equine CBD Tincture

I just wanted to write and say how incredibly pleased I have been with your Equine CBD Tincture! I got my first bottle July 10 for my 27+ year old Tennessee Walking Horse. I began his dosage, per the bottle’s recommendation, at a dropper full twice a day. After about a week, I changed him to 2 droppers full in his morning feed, as that is when I give him all of his supplements. I did learn that my other feeders began dosing him with his evening feed as well. For about 2 weeks he was getting 2 droppers full twice a day. The bottle lasted about a month at those dosages. I noticed such an amazing improvement in his appetite, his skin and coat and his overall tone. I was able to pull him from his joint supplement a week into his CBD addition. While on CBD, he suffered a muscular injury of unknown origin. His spine curved and his right hip and leg began to twist. He began a 5 day steroid regime that coupled with this tincture quickly reversed the effects of his injury. He has been off the CBD tincture for a month and I have seen a decline in his appetite. He has suffered the same injury on his left side and went through the same steroid treatment with less effective results. His coat is dull, admittedly he is growing in his winter coat, and his skin is dry. I can definitely see a vast difference in him on the tincture and not. I will absolutely be keeping him on it and recommending it to all my equestrian friends. Thank you sincerely for this product.
Many thanks,
Kim G
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